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The Cavendish School

The Cavendish School

School Bus

We operate a school bus service to and from The Cavendish School for families living in Islington. The bus is chaperoned and is available for pupils from Nursery throughout the school.  Please see below for our timetable and route.




7.30 Blackstock Road, opposite Hurlock Street  N5 2LL 
7.35  Highbury New Park Highbury Grove School Bus Stop CS  N5 2DA
7.40 Northchurch Road Canonbury Bus stop EH   N1 3PB
This bus stop is actually on Essex Road just North of the junction with Northchurch Road
7.45 Islington Green Bus stop D   N1 8DU
8.15 Arrive School  


3.30 Depart School
4.00 Islington Green Bus stop D    N1 8DU
4.05 Northchurch Road Canonbury Bus stop EH   N1 3PB
4.10 Highbury New Park Highbury Grove School Bus stop CS N5 2DA
4.15 Blackstock Road, opposite Hurlock Street  N5 2LL