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The Cavendish School

The Cavendish School

Healthy Snacks

The Cavendish School provides fruit as a healthy snack for pupils at break time and in After School Care.

We are always keen as a school to encourage healthy eating habits in our pupils (and staff!). With this in mind, we have reviewed the snacks on offer at After School Care and have decided to tweak the range. For example, water and milk will be available to drink rather than juice in cartons – less sugar and also less packaging waste. In addition to options such as rice cakes, breadsticks and cheese we will also provide a selection of fresh fruit.

We have also been thinking of ways to make your lives a little easier in the rush to get to school. Small apples and easy peel satsumas will be available at morning break time. Our pupils are still very welcome to bring in their own healthy snack, but for those who forget to bring one in, a free alternative will be available. If you are providing a snack, please remember to keep it healthy (plain biscuits, fruit etc and not sweets, nuts or chocolate).